Your muscles are the best tools for treating pain 

and developing optimal movement patterns

For positive long-term results, you need to restore your natural muscle balance.

At the Scandinavian Clinic, we use a combination of manual treatments and

active therapies focused on movement and muscle activation.

Whatever your active lifestyle looks like, we want you to enjoy it without the

restrictions of pain, discomfort, and improper movement.

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A unique combination of knowledge and skills

Swedish Trained - 5 Years

Eva Andersson received most of her education and training within Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Sweden. Thorough assessment, individualized treatment, prevention, and self-management was central in her training.

Eva uses Orthopedic Manual Therapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. She combines techniques like spinal manipulation/mobilization, massage, and stretching to restore function and decrease pain and disability. These techniques are often supplemented with advice on physical activity, ergonomics, and rehabilitation.

    • 5 year, Scandinavian post-secondary education/training
    • Perform advanced biomechanical assessment
    • Focus on prevention and self-management
    • Combine several different treatment modalities
    • Focus on effective treatment results

Commitment to High Quality and Thorough Assessment

Patients need to know why they ended up with pain and/or dysfunction. They should expect accurate, detailed explanations about symptoms and education on how to manage and prevent pain. Successful treatment results are maximized by getting to the bottom of the problem, applying a combination of treatment modalities (as opposed to relying on a single method), and patient involvement.

Focus on Prevention and Self-Management

When things go wrong treatment may be needed, but this treatment should only be a short-term solution. Instead, prevention and self-management should be the main focus. This is central to my profession : to provide patients with the tools and knowledge to take care of themselves.

As a Registered Massage Therapist my treatments are covered by most insurance plans.

Further training:

Prof. Vladimir Janda MD.Dr.Sc. – Muscle function diagnosis – Workshop with case studies.
Prof. -Prof. Karel Lewit MD.Dr. Sc. – Manipulative Therapy
Dr. Jan Ekstrand MD.PhD. – Sports Medicine
Robert Schleip PhD. – Fascia Treatments
Dr. David De Camilllis – End Rage Loading
Stecco – Fascial Manipulation
DNS – Course A.B.C.
DNS special skill course –Sports II- Running

A new concept in rehabilitation & training

D.N.S - The Core of Core

The Scandinavian Clinic now offers Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), one of the fastest-growing active treatment methods for the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic pain, and performance improvement in athletes. The core of DNS is all about “the core”.

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