Treatment Modalities

  • Manipulation/Mobilization

  • Specific Stretching (PNF, ACR)

  • Massage/Soft Tissue (back/neck massage, sports massage)

  • Myofascial Trigger Points Treatment

  • Fascial Manipulation

  • Prescription Exercises (stretching and strengthening for muscle imbalances, core stability training)

  • Education and Ergonomics

Commitment to High Quality and Thorough Assessment

Patients need to know why they ended up with pain and/or dysfunction. They should expect accurate, detailed explanations about symptoms, and education on how to manage and prevent pain. Successful treatment results are maximized by getting to the bottom of the problem, applying a combination of treatment modalities (as opposed to relying on a single method), and patient involvement.

Focus on Prevention and Self-Management

When things go wrong, treatment may be needed, but this treatment should only be a short-term solution. Instead, prevention and self-management should be the main focus. This is central in Scandinavian health care: to provide patients with the tools and knowledge to take care of themselves.


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