“My recovery from hip replacement surgery had stalled despite months of physiotherapy and exercise. Thankfully, Eva took my case and very patiently and systematically assessed and teased out my chronic back and hip problems. After a short treatment program of massage and corrective exercise, I am now pain-free for the first time in many years. I also have a clear understanding of how to prevent relapses and maintain my strength and normal functioning. I most appreciated Eva’s individualized approach and her ability to clearly explain my rehabilitation program.” Karen

“When you are injured – due to sports or activities you pursue— your life is upended. Eva sets things right with her considered approach. Her knowledge and technique have delivered me from pain. And her recommendations on how to move forward has helped to prevent future injury occurrence. I have recommended Eva to my family and friends. The result is always the same – relief from pain and a return to an active life. She works magic.” Mike

“I had suffered a debilitating hamstring injury and no treatment methods were working. I went on for months unable to recover and my life was completely put on hold. Eva Andersson started me on the DNS program and I began to see the benefits immediately. With Eva’s guidance through DNS, I have made full recovery. Now I am in the best shape of my life and I am able to pursue my dream of joining the Canadian Armed Forces. Eva’s knowledge of DNS is invaluable to anyone struggling with a sports-related injury or looking to improve their athletic performance.” Brandon

“Twice in my life, about fifteen years apart, I found myself with very severe neck stiffness and pain. Other medical and health services and therapies had failed to relieve my pain. So I assumed pain would be with me for the rest of my life. A local newspaper carried an ad for Eva Andersson and my wife suggested I try her. Ms. Andersson’s goal is a prompt and effective relief for the patient. She knows the human body and keeps up on recent developments. She integrates her knowledge with quick hands-on (manual) therapy. She emphasizes deep body massage and stretching exercises which she teaches by doing them on the patient in her clinic. This is an effective learning approach for the patient. Because of her knowledge of the body, her stretching exercises are focused and bring quick and lasting results. For my second visit, brought on by a degenerative neck disc, she introduced me to exercises with a “Pilates” toning ball. All neck pain and stiffness disappeared after meticulously following the directions Ms. Andersson has developed. I highly recommend her. Thanks for your treatment and help.” John